Available courses

To access this site, you must be a medical student enrolled in the Clinical Neurology rotation (either as part of your core or as an elective).

There are 2 steps to access all the resources on the site: "registration" and "enrollment".



  • Click on the course link to start the registration process.
  • Use your SCHOOL email address, not your personal email for registration.
  • As a student, your registration will be valid for only 45 days, which allows you to access this site during your typical 3 or 4 week rotation.
  • After registering, send an email to Dr. Athni asking him to "confirm" your enrollment in the rotation.
  • Dr. Athni will manually confirm your registration - after which you can log into the portal.


  • After registration, you will need to "enroll" in Neurology Clinical Rotation
  • Enrollment requires an “enrollment key” -- provided by your school rotation coordinator or Dr. Athni when you make initial contact with him.


Once "registered" and "enrolled", you will be able to view the assignments and available study material.

Please make sure you click this "Read Me" link BEFORE you start the rotation.